***** Five Cranky Stars (New Release!)


***** 5 Cranky Stars *****

*Warning: This book explores dark and controversial themes.

Scopophilia or scoptophilia: An expression of sexuality, referring to sexual pleasure derived from looking at erotic objects e.g. erotic photographs, pornography, naked bodies, etc.

Yes, I admit, I had to look the definition up in order to understand what this book was about!

Holland started out her life living the American dream. She was married to her best friend and had her dream job. Over the first few years of her marriage, tragedy strikes leaving her only a shell of the person that she used to be. Unable to cope, and with just the clothes on her back and her car, Holland leaves everything familiar behind.

Jensen Payne is fighting his own demons. He stumbles into a bar one day at the lowest point in his life and sees Holland. Instantly, he’s addicted and there starts a relationship that will change the both of them.

This is an extremely emotionally charged book with subjects that were hard to read. I was riveted with the storyline and look forward to reading more of Cheryl McIntyre’s work. If you’re looking for a dark, emotionally intense, clothing optional book, then grab a fire extinguisher and one click your copy today.

Second Crankster!

It’s been awhile since a book has made me feel like this one! This book brings you through the gamut of emotions all while breaking your heart and putting it beautifully back together!

I have been staring at her for three months. Watching her. Memorizing her. For ninety-two days, I’ve looked into those lifeless green eyes. And for ninety-two days she has inspired me in ways I never knew possible. A muse, unbeknownst to her. Motivating me. Encouraging my darkest desires. I’m a man who knows what he wants. And what I want is the beautiful and broken Holland Howard. My name is Jensen Payne—photographer, autocrat, lecher, Scopophiliac. I am who I am and I will not—cannot—change.

Jensen is a sexy as hell, broken alpha man that takes what he wants. He thinks that one taste of Holland will sate his obsession he’s developed for her… He was so wrong!

Holland is a hollow, broken woman that wants nothing more than to feel just that… nothing! Jensen awakens something in her that forces her to feel again.

Both of them are keeping their private lives to themselves, not sharing anything, and using each other to help them forget. Falling in love with each other was inevitable, but that didn’t mean that they didn’t fight it as long as they could.

In order to heal each other, they both would have to share their secrets and heal on their own.
This was my first book that I’ve read by Cheryl McIntyre, but it most definitely won’t be my last!

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