5 Cranky Stars!


5 Cranky Stars

Christina’s reunited with her former husband, Nicholas Riley, and their tenuous and complicated relationship is tested when secrets from the past and present are revealed.

Riley, a man with a penchant for psychological games, faces the dilemma of keeping the woman he loves through lies by omission or potentially losing her with the truth. This isn’t just their second chance for happiness, it’s their last chance and there may be some things that love can’t conquer at all.

Neeny Boucher blew it out of the park! The issue I had with the first book Lost in Flight was totally gone. The flow was there and I had a very difficult time putting the book down.

This review is going to actually be difficult to write spoiler free, but I will do my best. In Lost in Flight, there were situations that actually reminded me of my own family, but in Ties That Bind, I could so totally relate to events that were happening and could feel Dina’s pain even more. The song by Starship Nothing is Gonna Stop Us Now kept coming to mind because people thought they were crazy, but their love was destined.

Learning of things done to hurt Dina and Riley’s relationship for revenge reminded me of things done in hopes of destroying my relationship with my husband. My family didn’t and still don’t get him yet, and as Dina says “She would rather live in this world with him, than without”. Reasons they are not a part of my life is that they don’t get that or that he is my life. I had to choose and he won out. I totally understand light and dark and how the times in the winter are difficult for Riley when he goes off-grid as again this reminds me of my husband.

If I didn’t know any different, I would say that Neeny tapped into my life. This story of Dina and Riley is very realistic and one that people should read to understand how love can be very complicated, but destined to be. And to support those in that situation because that support can make a very big difference in a smoother relationship. I so hope to have more of Dina and Riley’s story because this is not the end of their story and as the song says: “Take it to the good times, See it through the bad times, whatever it takes is what I’m gonna do, Let ‘em say we’re crazy, What do they know”.

How we felt about this book?

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